About Gaillyn Photography

Gail Matsumoto is a professional photographer in Durham, NC. She has always had a love for photography and has known she wanted to be a professional photographer since her first photography class in high school. She went on to get a bachelor's degree in Photography from Appalachian State University. Since college she has worked for portrait studios and done freelance in many fields of photography including weddings, product photography, commercial advertising, portraits, and animal portraits. She also has amazing photoshop skills and worked for the News and Observer for many years toning photos along with working in the studio. She shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II, a top of the line camera. Gail can capture a person's personality and the love of a newly married couple. The natural moments between people make the most amazing photos. She chose the name Gaillyn Photography because her idol was a professional landscape photographer named Galen Rowell, and her name is Gail Lynn so she decided to play off of that. Gail is available for destination weddings. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call.

From Gaillyn Photography

With all of my photography, I try to make people feel and look their best. I think that one of the things that makes me stand out from other photographers is that I want people to not only see an image that is "technically" good and artistic but that the person in the photo will see it and say "damn, I look good". Before I even begin, I listen to everything that the client says and make sure they look the way they want. Whether it is something that I have to correct in photoshop or something that I can handle with angles of the shot or trying to avoid a certain facial expression, I try to get the look that the client has in mind. I also try to capture the persons personality. To do this I talk with them, try to make them comfortable and within minutes they have lightened up and they start acting like themselves. This is something that comes up time after time when people give me feedback after a shoot. They tell me that they are usually uncomfortable with having their picture taken and I made it so much more comfortable for them. They always tell me that they had fun too. I love hearing this because I always have fun too. It is great to have a job where you have fun! When I have a couple, I try to show the love between them. So again first I have to make them comfortable. And I try to show how they are with each other. I love photography. I love it for the art and for making people feel good about themselves.

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